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Ronex Ahimbisibwe reviews


The documentation initiative Art Uganda is Ronex’s brainchild. He is attempting to keep a record of Ugandan art since there is no systematic documentation nor a national art collection


Start Journal of arts and culture run an interview with Ronex Ahimbisibwe in July 2011

Ronex’s art space Fas Fas was reviewed by Dominic Muwanguzi in the Start Journal in February 2012 as one of the art spaces coming up in Uganda encouraging creativity and innovation



Ronex Ahimbisibwe

Ronex Ahimbisibwe.

Ronex Ahimbisibwe

Ronex Ahimbisibwe at work

Ronex Ahimbisibwe at work

Born in 1977 Ronex Ahimbisibwe is a prolific sculptor, painter and printmaker. He paints with acrylics on canvas, barkcloth and paper. For sculpture he works in wood. In 2001, Ahimbisibwe graduated with a bachelor of industrial and fine arts degree from Makerere University’s School of Industrial and Fine Arts.

6 questions to artist

1. How did you go about becoming an artist?
It’s the only thing I can be as I still find it hard work for any one…prefer making rules to break them at will…that’s why I find it hard still to do commissions.

2. Who helped you along the way? How?

First the School of Fine Arts, Makerere University, especially the sculpture department, for allowing me to use the backside of the sculpture studio; and more thanks to Sylvia Katende who gave us her studio with Wasswa Jude. I spent 3 years at the art school, and to my friends, jokingly I tell them I have a Masters degree, though not recognized by the university.
Starting as an artist is tricky, I am grateful for that space and that’s why I had started Fas Fas to offer other artists who needed space to express themselves without critical selection, but merely express themselves freely.
3. What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on small art works (I8cm/18cm) in form of puzzles capturing moments about life in Kampala i.e. survival, envy, neglect, love, loneliness, corruption, self-reflection etc.
4. Who would you like to engage with your work?

Those who believe in freedom of expression.

5. Can you tell me about an artist whose life/work you really like?
Mzili…he is my mentor. After campus I had to rent one of the rooms at his home so that he could critique my work and I could learn from him. He is still the only artist I still invite to my studio to critique my new work.
I like Henry Moore, Klimt, Paul Klee and recently my favorite to date is Dale Witherow. He makes me question my paintings.

6. What would you say in a short text message to an aspiring artist?

There are no shorts cuts. To improve and grow as an artist you have to practice everyday and not to be limited by what you know, thus experiment to discover your capabilities…
The word painting starts with the word pain. If u can’t handle it, try another profession before you waste your time.

Ronex exhibits regularly at Afriart Gallery, Kampala