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Visionary Art: Africa, Art at Work

This afternoon the Kampala artists’ community met at Mish Mash on Acacia Avenue, at the invitation of Faisal Kiwewa, Director of Bayimba Festival.

The project Visionary Art: Africa curated by Simon Njami and David Adjaye, is coming to Kampala. It has already traveled to Cairo and Addis Ababa. Deliberately temporary and outside institutional closed walls, a pavilion designed by David Adjaye in which the exhibitions will be installed, will be locally built, in collaboration with artists, installed in a public space, and be easily dismantled. The idea of attracting the ordinary person as audience for this project is a curatorial strategy aiming to provide accessibility to all. The pavilion will have no doors, further enhancing the idea of openness.

The project will take place in the weeks leading up to Uganda’s 50 year independence celebrations. The workshops and Atlas Wall documents about culture and arts policy in Africa will hopefully be fertile ground for discussions, reminisces and enlightenment.

In the meantime, the planning continues…will it be the Railway grounds? by Mukwano roundabout? constitutional square? in the taxi park? If you have any ideas, please contact Faisal Kiwewa


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